Marketing Campaign

Our creative director Stephen Murray spent 4 years at the heart of’s email and social creative team. One of the most exciting pieces of work to come out of that relationship was the Dyson heat wave campaign. With of a revenue of £500,000 over 5 days it’s fair to say the campaign was a success. A commercial edge is important in creative because we’re not just feeding visual appetites, we’re affecting genuine business growth.

The aim of the campaign was to advertise Dyson’s latest cooling fan through email and social channels. With an eye on the upcoming heatwave, Very’s marketing team briefed us do develop a creative that was simple and striking. We did just that. You can’t beat a Gif too. With stats from a previous campaign stating that user engagement was up 70% when a Gif was AB tested against a static – we couldn’t resist the chance to do something clever with motion.

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