Sharing Magazine

Shared Lives Plus is the UK network for shared living. One of the charity’s key audiences is it’s carers, and keeping them up to date is vital.

This is where the Sharing magazine comes in. An A5 magazine bursting with information for carers about Shared Lives’ successes, stories and ‘need to know’ information. The quarterly magazine is sent to approximately 4000 carers each edition.

The publication was in need of a design refresh. With a new brand in place and fresh photography progressing, it was time to give this members magazine a new look.

Our brief was to create a buzz around the Sharing magazine and make it a publication that Shared Lives carers would eagerly anticipate hitting their doorsteps each quarter.

We utilized the brand tool-kit already developed by Design Integrity to create a bespoke editorial piece with the feel of a boutique magazine, whilst ensuring that it remained an accessible communication for a wide audience.

We should have printed more!

You can’t beat a soft toothy paper stock, full bleed images and considered typography. It’s what get’s us going anyway! It’s a joy working on this magazine and we’re already crafting the next one.

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