Shared Lives Plus

We believe Shared Lives Plus is the nation’s best kept secret. Not only are they solving an NHS hospital to home crisis, they’re bringing about genuine transformation in people through connecting those in need of care with those that want to care.

Our brief was to put SLP on the public map. They’ve performed really well within the sector and have quite the reputation in government circles. However they’re not a household name in a way that other charities like Age UK and Fostering network are.

With an agenda to increase public awareness our starting point was to figure out who their audiences are, and what they are wanting to say to those audiences. We promptly crafted a tone of voice for SLP that keeps their grassroots approachability at the core of their creative expression. It was important that they didn’t fall into the glossy corporate feel of NHS affiliated collateral and that they stayed true to themselves.

Design Integrity have understood us beautifully from day one and we are constantly impressed with how they are innovatively moving our brand forward in the right direction. 

We developed an identity tool-kit that empowered the organisation to communicate freely with confidence. We developed a logo to suggest two lives, a plus and a butterfly that marks their great work of transformation. The colour pallet is warm and accessibility checked. The font is approachable and the overall visual tone has made way for some great brand building. 

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