Pure Transfer

Pure Transfer is an online retailer of pharmaceutical and biotech equipment. It sounds dull and it is. However there is a fantastic charm to the attitude and disposition of the PT team, that has led us into quite a beautifully creative project. The current puretransfer.com is cold and uninviting. Images are low-res, graphics are inconsistent and the tone of voice is non existent.

Our brief was to inject the life and personality of the team into the website. We started by crafting a tone of voice that was unique to the Pure Transfer brand. Playing on the themes of irony we developed dry humoured straplines that carry a sense of sarcasm. Our positioning has been admitting that these products aren’t sexy, but that they are robust and ever reliable. The photography on the other hand is sexy. Shooting the photography in a PT blue backdrop suspended in the air with nice lighting and cool drop shadows, plays on the irony of the brand. We wanted to gloriously showcase these products helping Pure Transfer to get a step ahead in their market.

Design Integrity instantly understood our sense of humour, and our ability to laugh at ourselves. Our products are not only great quality, they’re from a great team. Design Integrity have helped us to display both of these truths effectively.

We’re on a mission to increase user engagement for Pure Transfer. Now that we have strong product photography and a decisive positioning, we believe we can further impact the increase of sales through re-designing and developing the website into a much more visually inspiring online retail space. 

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