Obsidian Sports Management

A brilliant short film that captures Yusif’s love of the game. Obsidian sports management is a football agency that develops and advises young professional footballers. Their aim is to be at the core of important sponsorship opportunities as well as club transfer negotiations. With this in mind, they were in need of some video activity that would showcase the young footballers skillset as well as tell his story. These videos would be used as marketing collatoral to attract sponsorship interest.

Design Integrity were invited to shoot a pilot video that OSM could use as reference for future campaigning. We went straight to the storyboarding process, made our shot list and spent only a day shooting the film. We’re really proud of the film and are eager to shoot more like this within the sports sector. We wanted the narrative to flick between Yusif’s home and the pitch. We also captured nicely the emotion of other team mates. Our approach to the narrative was the tension that builds before the game, the adrenaline of the game and the post match feelings.

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