Find Your Steeple is a website commissioned by the Anglican Diocese of Liverpool. The website was designed and developed for the student market with the aim to target new students coming into the city. The idea behind the website is to help students with anglican backgrounds find a local anglican church near where they are staying.

Our deadline was tight as we had to get the project live for the September freshers fair. We crafted a brand and developed a campaign that would feel as accessible for students as possible. We built a QR code that would allow students to scan the business cards ( or posters) on their mobile phone devices so that when they clicked the link they could go straight through to the website on their phone. Of Course a mobile first approach was vital to the success of this project.

We didn’t expect something so fresh and edgy to come out of our diocese! We couldn’t be more pleased with how the project has been initiated and we’re excited to see what traction it generates.

The technology for the project doesn’t stop there. We were able to customize Google maps in a way that allowed users to browse the Liverpool city region on their phones. Each steeple emblem represented a location and if you tapped on the location a profile of the church popped up. This profile would have a gallery, events calendar and other bits of information about the church.

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