Achieve North West: Change can be made with the right support

Achieve North West Connect (ANWC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Career Connect. As a company who tailors their work to the needs of their clients, they needed a creative agency who could tailor their website to the needs of their brand. The new website had to be fresh and contemporary, whilst still attractive to a corporate user-base. With no major brand assets available, it was important that we developed a visual identity for the site that was sympathetic to the logo but not outdated. We came up with a new design and build with the appropriate architecture that not only serves the ANW digital agenda, but also is streamlined with the Career Connect website architecture. This way the user can navigate through both websites without getting lost in the journey.

Anthony Walker Foundation: A positive, lasting legacy

The Anthony Walker Foundation was established in 2006 after the racially motivated murder of Anthony, just outside Liverpool. The site was poor and tired, with images not loading correctly and an aesthetic that had lost its touch. Knowing the foundation’s interest and positive utilisation of sport and street art, we developed a visual narrative for the website that was both corporate enough for commissioners and youthful enough for young people. With themes of black, white and red along with monotone photography and thick typefaces, we crafted an appropriate aesthetic that would both inspire the foundation’s community and strategically convert them. The new website we developed for the foundation has a fresh visual narrative and tactical conversion areas.

Mersey Eco Grants: Making homes eco-friendly

Mersey Eco Grant’s original website was a very generic WordPress site with low resolution images and very few conversion tactics. There was also a distinct lack of signposting and calls to action. The design also left something to be desired, and needed refreshing with a contemporary edge. We wanted to continue the visual narrative of the brand into the website, therefore making it coherent and consistent, resulting in a well-rounded customer experience as well as building trust in the user’s subconscious. We developed tactical areas of the site for conversion and focused on funnelling these users to these conversion areas. Items like inquiry forms, sign-up forms and chatbots increase user engagement. The result was a brand-led website with conversion tactics that integrate with the company’s CRM.

Shared Lives Plus: Sharing really is caring

Branded User interface: The website was very text heavy, with clashing vivid colours and a lack of design structure. As well as this, there was no sense of brand and the website had a very corporate aesthetic which contrasted with the nature of the charity. Multiple members dashboard: Part of their promise as an organisation is a membership that includes access to the online portal. The portal is a dashboard interface that facilitates resource downloads and a private members forum. Member on-boarding with a CRM integration: We designed a way of having members journey through the recruitment form area of the site through to the membership payment area. Scheme profile platform: SLP needed the ability for schemes to build their own profile and deploy it to the live site. Schemes can now upload content, choose what level of support they offer, and pin their location on SLP’s UK reach map.

PMC Ltd: Professional, responsible, simple, refined

We provided PMC with a purpose built bespoke WordPress website that would be designed first to reflect their brand. This new website would also have a SEO framework with a Tone Of Voice workshop to go with it. We conducted an image-led approach for this website, with strong photography making up 80% of the homepage design. Brand was another key factor in the design process – the website had to embrace the visual identity of the logo both in type and colour. A simple yet refined approach to the design has allowed for a re-purposed and better positioned website. PMC serve world renowned clients like HSBC, Sony and Aviva so it was important we designed and built the website in a professional and responsible way.

Career Connect: Exploding brand across a fresh digital landscape

Career Connect’s previous website was out of date both aesthetically and functionally. The home page only consisted of an image, a call to action, and a Twitter feed. We came to the conclusion that Career Connect needed a functionally minded website that serves the practical ‘business as usual’ needs of the charity. On top of that, there was the charity client base that also needed to be considered. An SEO migration piece was also included. We decided to take the bones of the brand and renew it with freedom and movement into a purpose-built, brand-led website, implementing our research into modern UI design features. Due to this new design, the staff at Career Connect have felt empowered to share their website with surrounding stakeholders.