Very: Building brand equity through memorable campaigns

Design Integrity helped Very to build their brand and grow brand equity through a disruptive and memorable email campaign. This was an events driven marketing campaign crafting seasonal trending content.

This campaign saw an increase in open rates and click-through rates, and was successfully driving sales straight from the inbox. Some email initiatives saw a return of £500,000 in sales revenue.

Shared Lives Plus: Supporting young care leavers

Shared Lives Plus wanted to know how to communicate to a young 16+ audience their options for leaving care. We created a fairly quick moving animation that relates to a younger audience in its appearance and tone, but also identifies the quality of SLP’s offering to their more corporate stakeholder audience. The use of a young person for voiceover instantly makes it clear who the target audience is and makes it more relatable. The animation emphasises the difficulties of going it alone after leaving care, and showcases the rewards of getting the support you need. The animation is a success and is being used to explain and facilitate discussions in the day to day promotion of SLP’s care leaver activity.

Shared Lives Plus: Support for those who need it most

Shared Lives Plus wanted to communicate their ongoing support for Domestic Abuse survivors in a positive and reassuring way, without delving too deeply into sensitive or distressing topics. For this project we worked closely with a domestic abuse survivor to help craft a positive message of recovery that can be achieved with Shared Lives Plus. It was important that we connected to the needs of the domestic abuse survivor, and depicted in the animation some of the day to day things they would appreciate more than most. We created an explainer animation with a positive soundtrack, vibrant colour palette and high-level messaging around the themes of recovery rather than abuse.

Shared Lives Plus: Building a kinder, stronger society

Meg has found her voice and is encouraging others to find theirs. But life has not always been like this. She experienced a traumatic childhood and spent many years in and out of hospital, resulting in a lengthy, four-and-a-half-year stay at a specialist mental unit.

We crafted a heart felt film to tell this wonderfully triumphant story.

Pure Transfer: Disruption in the market

We helped Pure Transfer create eye-catching branded visuals for their website. The main areas for improvement with the photography on Pure Transfer’s website were the low resolution and the lack of creative approach. There was also no sense of brand in their use of photography. To overcome this issue, we conducted a new product photography shoot with one of our excellent photography partners, Antonio Franco. We shot each product in isolation as a still life piece, then in post we created the impression that the product was lifted off the floor, adding the gradient back-drop and drop-shadow. The photography has caused quite the disruption in the market, especially when used in LinkedIn activity. There is a visible boost in engagement thanks to this new photography, compared to before.

Shared Lives Plus: Blending emotion with practicality

Shared Lives Plus were yet to produce a high production value short film that told the heart warming story of Shared Lives Carers. The new film had to show off the warm and welcoming nature of the charity whilst dismantling the awkward and uncomfortable stereotypes that are sometimes associated with care work. We partnered with Birmingham City Council to identify the appropriate families and carers that would bring the story home. We developed a list of shots that we wanted to include that would involve the look and feel of family home living. We opted for a hand-held camera approach, capturing the rough and ready living of the carers, and this slightly less coordinated shooting allowed for a more authentic representation of their everyday lives. The result was a film that is both emotive and practical, depicting the everyday lives of carers from a more intimate perspective.