Sharp Engineering: A clean-cut, perfectionist approach

Sharp Engineering was in desperate need of a brand identity. Its current identity lacked professionalism and authenticity. The re-brand needed to be something that connected with a younger generation, to inspire new staff as well as connect to a corporate client base. We sat down with Sharp Engineering to journey through a tone of voice workshop so we could really understand what makes them unique. We discovered that it was a perfectionist mentality that had played a major role in their success as an organisation, so we used this as our direction to craft a clean cut identity that would leave no room for irrelevance. Design Integrity gave Sharp Engineering a fresh brand identity. We provided them with a brand tool-kit and a tone of voice pack that steers the direction of Sharp Engineering’s visual expression in the market.

Mersey Eco Grants: Making homes greener

Mersey Eco Grants came to Design Integrity as they needed our help developing their brand. We conducted a Tone Of Voice workshop with MEG to really identify their motivations, underlying cause, and how they wanted to be positioned. It became evident to us all that the brand identified more with Tesla’s industrial eco-friendly positioning than a more lo-fi, rustic eco-friendly message. It was also clear that the brand wanted to express their passion for leadership and the pioneering spirit of the company. Our solution was to develop a directional brand that moves. We provided Mersey Eco Grants with a brand toolkit and tone of voice guidelines pack to go with it, along with a strong authority in its message, which is both pioneering and comforting.

Shared Lives Plus: Our lives get better when they’re shared

The team here at Design Integrity helped Shared Lives Plus develop their brand identity by softening the typeface on their website, introducing curves instead of sharp edges and straight lines, and introduced a colour palette that can be dialled up for more lively advertorial content or dialled down for more corporate commissioner-facing content. We built a brand for a network that believes in the idea of people sharing lives as a way of transformation. The ‘plus’ in their name is now visually portrayed in their new brand mark and is a vital ingredient when it comes to communicating network, extra support, additional options and the themes of elevating lives. The plus played an important part in our creative direction.

Pure Transfer: The biotech industry just got sexy

 We started our approach with a collaborative Tone Of Voice workshop. What we found was a lively personality full of sarcasm, humour and fun, and this gave us our direction. It was important for the client to create a narrative of trust and reliability, as well as purity and cleanliness. One way in which we did this was graphically, introducing ice blues and crisp edges. We also did it tonally, with the strap-line ‘products you can introduce to your mum’ to create that relatability and personal relationship with the customer. We also decided to be ironic with the photography, making the products appear sexy and tempting. We wanted to craft a lively brand full of energy and movement. Design Integrity provided Pure Transfer Brand with a distinctive tone of voice, visual identity, fresh considered photography and a full social media and digital brand roll-out.