Birmingham City Council

One of our favourite projects at Design Integrity so far! Birmingham City Council in partnership with Shared Lives Plus commissioned Design Integrity to write, direct and film a short advert for Youtube along with their other social channels. With an agenda to increase Shared Lives Carers in Birmingham from 70 to 300 carers in 2 years, our film was to be at the core of a campaign to increase awareness.

Our Brief was to craft a narrative that captured the everyday life of three carers and their support users. We wanted to simply express the normality of these living environments. The last thing we wanted to do is a talking heads video blog with carers listing all the needs of the support users. Our objective was to build a story around the very normal everyday things these people go through. Things like making a brew, playing Xbox, taking the dog for a walk. It was important we captured this honesty on camera.

Thank you so much – it’s brilliant!! And so fresh! We’re all in tears with hairs on the back of neck standing up.


We believe the film to be a fantastic success. What came through more than anything were the sentiments of family and friendship. We perfectly pull on the heart strings of the viewer. We’re excited about the future of this approach to campaigning and are already story boarding our next advert to really get the message home.

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