Very: Building brand equity through memorable campaigns

Design Integrity helped Very to build their brand and grow brand equity through a disruptive and memorable email campaign. This was an events driven marketing campaign crafting seasonal trending content.

This campaign saw an increase in open rates and click-through rates, and was successfully driving sales straight from the inbox. Some email initiatives saw a return of £500,000 in sales revenue.

Pure Transfer: The biotech industry just got sexy

 We started our approach with a collaborative Tone Of Voice workshop. What we found was a lively personality full of sarcasm, humour and fun, and this gave us our direction. It was important for the client to create a narrative of trust and reliability, as well as purity and cleanliness. One way in which we did this was graphically, introducing ice blues and crisp edges. We also did it tonally, with the strap-line ‘products you can introduce to your mum’ to create that relatability and personal relationship with the customer. We also decided to be ironic with the photography, making the products appear sexy and tempting. We wanted to craft a lively brand full of energy and movement. Design Integrity provided Pure Transfer Brand with a distinctive tone of voice, visual identity, fresh considered photography and a full social media and digital brand roll-out.