Ford Motors

Fords Motors look after their staff through an excellent program called Edap. Edap is a wellbeing program that supports and facilitates staff through sports therapy. Some of their facilities include a private gym, sports massage, chiropody, music room, sauna and lots more.

Design Integrity was commissioned by Fords Motors to develop a magazine for the Edap community. This aim of the magazine is to provide information to the Ford Motors staff about the Edap community, what classes and treatments are available and who is involved in the community.

We wanted the design of the magazine to feel athletic. It was important that the magazine design was engaging. With sharp edges and angled lines running through it, our aim has been to capture the themes of energy and motion.

We also named the magazine Traction. This name was quite perfect as the main workforce reading the magazine worked mainly on gear box’s. Traction captures the ground we’d like the magazine to make as well as a charmful nod to motoring.

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