AMGB is a progressive IT company that prides itself on offering a bespoke IT service. Our brief was to develop a brand that has energy and movement to reflect its forward thinking nature. However the company was born in the 90s. In the IT boom, AMGB played a major part in offering IT support to a wide range of business. We didn’t want to lose this heritage but rather use it as a design pillar for the brand.

We began developing a pattern that resembled aesthetic themes of code as well as the grids you get down the side of an old piece of IT hardware. This pattern became the basis of our creative direction. It guided the visual developments in a contemporary allowing us to animate the brand if needed. Finally after building the pattern and choosing an appropriate colour palette, we’re found ourselves finishing off by developing the logo and wordmark.

We never imagined something so fresh and contemporary for our new brand. It’s a million miles away from where we were in a good way!

The font has it’s digital edges, keeping that nerdy vibe. This gave us the freedom to flow the pattern through the letter faces, crafting what we feel is not just an appropriate logo, but an inspiring brand.

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